Want Extra Safety for Your Home in Canton or Van, TX?

Add more security to your home with a gate keypad installation

Are you worried that your home or business in Canton or Van, TX is an easy target for criminals? Look no further than Genesis Fence for any service related to your access control system. Expect fast service when you hire us. We carry a full line of security and gate accessories, so we can complete your fencing and gate installation with ease.

We've handled countless security additions for our clients. To keep yourself protected, we suggest:

  • Getting a gate installation
  • Getting a gate keypad installation
  • Having a camera installed
  • Updating your home alarm system

With the sturdy gates and keypads we install, intruders won't stand a chance. Reach out to our Christian-based company today for a price estimate.

Be prepared and protected

With a gate installation from us, you can trust that your home in Canton, TX is well-protected. Getting a gate keypad installation will ensure that only close family or friends can gain access. Install multiple systems for increased safety, privacy and security.